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Unsurpassed Expertise

Highly Professional, Comprehensive Independent Investment Research

PFA offers a rare level of expertise in an independent investment research firm. Our principals possess a unique combination of qualifications enabling us to offer our clients an unprecedented
level of expertise in:

-IP Networking and Services (VoIP, IPTV and other areas)
-Wireless (mobile, broadband and other aspects)
-Cable and Satellite (broadcast, content and communications)
-Established Telecom (carriers, competition, equipment companies, M&A)

PFA's Annual Subscription Service offers a cost effective yet comprehensive, customized client programs that include:

A Full Year of Reports (40-50)

-Highlighting Growth Areas & Growth Companies; Fast Reaction to All Key Events

Access to the Top Experts

-A Call-in Service That is Always Responsive

Customized Client Service: Client Driven

-Replace Expensive Request Services

Extensive Company Coverage

-Complete range of industry companies


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