About Probe Financial Associates, Inc.

Probe Financial Associates, Inc. (PFA), provides the highest level of expertise ever offered to investment managers in telecommunications and relative IT sectors. It is the leading source of independent, unbiased research for investors.

The primary issue in telecommunications/IT industry research is the vast amount of complexity and change that characterize these industries. PFA's experts have by far the most industry experience and the finest record for correctly forcasting major changes.
Between them PFA's two founders, Al Boschulte and Victor Schnee, have:

  • Run major industry companies

  • Run an information services venture fund

  • Won awards for groundbreaking industry research from leading organizations

  • Authored over 20 major studies of the industry

They have been alone in calling every major turn in the industry in advance for over 25 years


Co-founder Victor Schnee, a leading Wall Street analyst in the late 1970's, became a highly prominent expert in the telecommunications industry research community. He understood the excesses of the "Telecom Bubble" of the late 1990's and repeatedly warned about it in writings.

Alfred Boschulte, former CEO of NYNEX Mobile and former executive of several other telecommunication related companies, has become a leading industry advisor. Mr. Boschulte decided to join Mr. Schnee because he has independently observed that there is a growing desire among investment managers to directly access a higher level of expertise in telecommunications and related fields.

PFA's Mission

PFA's mission is to provide investment managers with a detached, honest, authoritative source of information and analysis of telecom and related IT, which is highly responsive to managers' actual portfolio needs.

Coverage Areas

PFA offers coverage of a wide array of industry topics and companies, including the following primary areas of expertise:

  • IP Networking and Services (VoIP, IPTV and other areas)

  • Wireless (mobile, broadband and other aspects)

  • Cable and Satellite (broadcast, content and communications)

  • Established Telecom (carriers, competition and M&A, equipment cos.)PFA's Client Programs and Services

PFA's Client Programs and Services

We provide a rich program that combines:

  • Reports - timely, frequent, succinct, expertly written analyses

  • Company and market Coverage - a broad core list plus client initiated requests

  • Access to Experts - unlimited access to PFA's senior experts

  • Client Customization - help with companies requested by clients

PFA's Value Proposition

We offer an extremely attractive value proposition to a wide variety of investment management firms.

  • We cover the complete range of companies, from mega-sized industry giants to mid-to-large cap companies, down to small and emerging players.

  • Our level of expertise is unparalleled and unchallenged by any other firm or by firms that rely on recruiting outside experts on a contract basis.

  • We are totally responsive to clients; client calls are returned promptly; there is no clock running on the length of discussions with clients.

  • Prolific in producing written reports that are always geared to important issues and developments or to relevant industry companies.

  • We have a depth and breadth of knowledge; covering industry fundamentals, company analysis, technology, regulation and all other key areas.

  • We offer attractive subscription pricing, which includes client-directed custom work, published reports and direct access to our experts.