Customized Requests

The Process
Clients are able to request assistance with a wide array of issues and problems. The process is initiated by the client. In general, depending upon the complexity of the request, most requests have been fulfilled within a matter of days.

Types of Requests

Among the types of requests that PFA has responded to are the following:

  1. Analysis of a specific company.
    Example: Wrote a report on Corvis for a client in May 2003.

  2. Explanation of economics of key telecom sectors.
    Example: Asked to develop analysis of cost elements of DSL service and cable modem service.

  3. Assessment of a new product and its impact on various companies.
    Example: Requested to evaluate the startup of push-to-talk cellular service from Verizon, its market impact and consequences for Nextel.

  4. Identification of growth trends in specific markets.
    Example: Asked to give a forecast of broadband growth in China and Korea.

  5. Analysis of global trends.
    Example: Provided a forecast of global Internet traffic.

  6. Assessment of future telecom applications.
    Example: Requested to provide an outlook on the major applications that will drive future traffic growth for carriers.

Benefits to Clients

The Customized Requests service affords clients the flexibility to obtain the exact type of help they are looking for. It saves them money by avoiding the need to subscribe to other, highly expensive services that do not have the expertise of PFA, but have to seek out consultants to handle client requests, with very mixed results. PFA is constantly approached by these other services to serve as experts on telecommunications, but PFA has a strict policy of not making its services available to any accounts other than its own clients.