The PFA Telecom/Wireless/Cable Service

PFA offers an Annual Service which covers the telecommunications and closely related sectors and includes:

-IP Networking and Services (VoIP, IPTV and other areas)
-Wireless (mobile, broadband and other aspects)
-Cable & Satellite (broadcast, content and communications)
-Established Telecom (carriers, competition & M&A, equipment cos.)

The Telecom/Wireless/Cable Service includes the following elements:

  1. Company and Market Coverage. Includes a wide range of companies in each area. For sample list click here.
  2. Timely Event-Driven Reports. The Service regularly issues Alert! reports giving immediate, expert analysis of the implications of current developments.
  3. Access to Experts. PFA’s senior experts are always available to clients, by phone, email or conference call and frequently meet with clients.
  4. Client Directed Requests. PFA is unique in offering customized services to clients, which accomplish as much or more than very high-priced request services offered by other organizations.
  5. Special Reports. PFA issues special reports as needed on topics such as Regulation or other special areas of interest.

1. Company and Market Coverage

PFA offers coverage of virtually all relevant US companies and their respective markets in its areas of expertise. It also covers principal Telecom/Wireless/Cable (including Satellite) companies in other parts of the globe.

PFA regularly issues company-centered reports on a range of companies from the large industry giants, to mid-sized and small emerging companies. It uniquely offers assessments of company prospects that expertly take into account the full context of industry developments, risks, potential competitors and other critical factors often overlooked by less expert analysts.

PFA issues approximately 12-20 Company Insight and/or Market Insight reports per year.

2. Timely Event-Driven Reports

PFA provides a fast reaction Alert! series of reports that are issued in direct response to key industry developments; often providing early warning or notice of critical events before they occur. Each Alert! is succinct, running no more than 2 pages, and contains pithy summaries of actionable items.

PFA issues about 25-30 or more reports either company Insight or Market Insight reports per year.

3. Access to Experts

PFA’s top experts, Al Boschulte and Victor Schnee are always directly available to clients. They are accessible by phone, email, conference call or other media. They also hold frequent face-to-face meetings with clients.

4. Client Directed Requests

PFA is unique in responding to client requests. These are not limited to follow-up of published reports. They are especially helpful in affording clients in-depth help with companies that are of particular interest to the individual clients. The response time is very quick and most requests have been fulfilled within two-to-three days.

5. Special Reports

PFA covers all aspects of the industry and will issue special reports on important topics. Because of the nature of the telecom industry, Regulation is one of the topics that often requires special treatment and is dealt with. These reports, such as PFA's Regulation Monitor are issued on an as required basis throughout the year.